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O campanie publicitară de succes a companiei Volvo: “Trăiește din plin acum!”

O campanie publicitară de succes a companiei Volvo: “Trăiește din plin acum!”

Noul spot publicitar Volvo V90 Cross Country realizat de agenția Forsman & Bodenfors, face referire la un discurs profund de acum 58 de ani al lui Alan Watts, “Live Fully Now”:

My goodness, don’t you remember when you went first to school, you went to kindergarden. And Kindergarden, the idea was to push along so that you could get into first grade. And then push along so that you could get into second grade-third grade, and so on going up and up.
Then you went to highschool and this was a great transition in life. And all that pressure is being put on, you must get ahead. You must go up the grades and finally be good enough to get to college.
And then when you get to college. You’re still going step by step, step by step-up to the great moment in which you are ready to go out into the world.
And then when you get out into this famous world, comes – the struggle for success and profession of business.
And then suddenly
When you’re about fourty or fourtyfive years old in the middle of life.
We wake up one day, and say:
“Huh? I’ve arrived.”
And while it is of tremendous use for us, to be able to look ahead and to plan. There is no use planning for a future, which when you get to it and it becomes the present you won’t be there. You’ll be living in some other future which hasn’t yet arrived.
And so in this way, one is never able actually to inherit and enjoy the fruits of one actions.
You can’t live it all. Unless you can live fully NOW.

Coloana sonoră: Hanan Townshend – “Life
Locul filmărilor: Vancouver, Canada

Veți vedea acest spot publicitar rulând în Suedia în cinematografele SF Bio și la televizor. De ce Volvo folosește numerele de înmatriculare MLB 060 și MLB 090 puteți citi în suedeză aici și aici.

Într-un alt spot publicitar, Mark Watts, fiul filozofului legendar Alan Watts, discută despre importanța găsirii unui echilibru între muncă și timp liber:


Poză copertă: Volvo V90 Cross Country
Sursa: Volvo Car Group Global Newsroom / Forsman & Bodenfors

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